The Foodie Diaries — Day 3

I woke up this morning before the alarm clock and actually felt energized and ready to go.  Crazy, right?  I mean, who does that?!?

At first, I contemplated the luxury of just lying in bed, but then I decided to fix something extra special for breakfast, since I had this free time.  So I whipped up an egg-white, mozzarella, and spinach scramble and ate it with a slice of raisin Ezekiel toast.

It was pretty incredible how long this kept me full, so I’m thinking this may be my go-to breakfast on future Sunday mornings.  You know, since it can get embarrassing when my stomach rumbles loudly in the middle of a church service.  😉


During the morning hours at work, I sipped on my usual coffee (iced, with soy milk) and nibbled on a few almonds.

For lunch, I had a bowl of Progresso Lentil soup.

I’m honestly a soup snob, since I grew up on amazing, homemade soups and stews that could never be reproduced in a can.  (Not to mention the fact that canned soups tend to have a ton of sodium).  But as far as canned soups go, this one doesn’t taste too bad, and it made for a quick lunch, which is what I needed today.

I ate that soup with raw carrots, cauliflower, and then a juicy orange.

Honestly, that orange was the closest thing to sunshine that I saw throughout this snowy day.  🙂

After work on most Wednesday nights, I quickly change and then head back out the door for music practice and then Bible study at church.  As a result, dinner is usually pretty late; and tonight, I felt like a snack was in order to hold me over.  I ate a Fiber One granola bar, which also satisfied the chocolate craving that was starting to rear its ugly head.  😉

After church, Nate and I picked up some subs from Subway.  I had a ham sandwich with lots of veggies… And I munched on a few of these Kettle Cooked chips, which are oh-so-yummy.

Welll…  I think I could have done better in the fruit department today, but better luck tomorrow!!  🙂


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