Hello, Summer

It feels as though it’s been forever since I’ve baked.  Since I’ve chopped, and peeled, and stirred.  Life has been so busy as of late that quick meals have been my best friend.  Hello, Frozen Pizza!

But now that summer is here — officially here — the calendar is showing less appointments and meetings… and more cookouts and free weekends.  I love it.

I LOVE summer.

I spent the first part of my morning baking three lovely, key-lime pies for tomorrow’s BBQ at church.

Hello Kitchen,

I missed you.


2 thoughts on “Hello, Summer

  1. I’m looking forward to cooking a bit more, too, this week, since we were gone 1/2 of last week. I’m ready to have leftovers again! It makes breakfasts and lunches SO MUCH EASIER! Yes, I often eat leftovers 2 meals a day. This is what happens when you have food restrictions. 🙂

    What kind of pies?

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