French Toast, Pasta, and Chicken Sausage

I woke up to a very cold, rainy day that required the heat to be turned on again. Nate and I had sworn we wouldn’t turn it back on; but once the house temps drop down to 57 degrees, a bit of heat is needed to get rid of the chill. “Oh, Spring, where have you gone?”

Nate suggested that we go out for breakfast at his favorite local diner, and I responded by telling him that I had cleaning to do before piano lessons.

He replied with two very convincing answers:
#1 – “I’ll help you clean, when we get back.”
#2 – “They serve French Toast, pancakes, and waffles!”

How’s a pregnant girl to argue with that? Help cleaning (which he usually does anyway) AND carbs smothered in syrup? Start the car and let’s get going!

I chose the French toast, because I figured that it would have some protein from the eggs. Normally when I go out for breakfast, I’m all about veggie omelets, but I couldn’t imagine eating an egg right now. So French toast was the next best thing… and it was absolute perfection (even if my picture didn’t come out that great). 😉

baby stuff 062

I’m very happy to report, however, that I can finally eat cereal with substance again! For weeks now, I’ve been eating toast or bland cereals (like rice krispies or corn flakes) for breakfast, because that’s all I could stomach. But yesterday, I woke up and realized that frosted mini wheats actually sounded really good. So I was able to eat a bowl, filled up with lots of milk; and I’m sure my colon did a happy dance, when it realized I was beginning my day with some fiber.

Baby stuff 029

I was also able to enjoy some leftover American chop suey for dinner, which had a little bit of hamburg in it. So it was nice to get the protein and iron!

Baby stuff 024

The only other meat I’ve had in the past week was an all-natural, MSG-free, nitrate-free chicken ‘sausage’… served with corn on the cob, of course. I actually really enjoyed it at the time, but I don’t think I’d want a chicken sausage again anytime soon. But still, it was progress.

Baby stuff 030

There is a whole chicken in my fridge, however, since I had hoped I’d be able to cook it up and put some chicken in a wrap. But the thought of smelling chicken in my kitchen makes me gag, so I called my mom today and asked her if she wanted a chicken. 🙂 Hey, at least I’m giving it away this time instead of tossing it! So that’s progress too!!

I think my focus this week is to ‘up’ my veggie intake and to try eating some greens, if I can. We’ll see how it goes!


2 thoughts on “French Toast, Pasta, and Chicken Sausage

  1. Those home fries look soooo good! I wish my man woke up and said “let’s go out for breakfast!” It’s my favorite meal!

    Glad your body is starting to handle a wider range of foods. Keep up the good work growin that baby! 🙂

    1. It’s funny, because I just ordered French Toast and didn’t ask for home fries. But when the waitress kept insisting that meat came with my meal, I explained that I can’t have sausage and bacon right now, because I’m pregnant. (Never mind the fact that the thought of eating either meat makes me gag. Ha, ha). So she very graciously added home fries to the order, without even asking. I didn’t think I’d eat them… but then I tried one, and – well -I’m sure you can guess how the rest of the story goes. 😉 I ended up eating only one of my two French toasts… but I polished off those delicious home fries!!

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